Natures Aid Review 2021

Ever since the legalization of marijuana, the UK markets have witnessed an astounding boom in the cannabis industry, with several products coming to the fore. Ranging from CBD oils to capsules and creams, cannabinoids are nowadays becoming an alternative to modern medicine. 

While the US has been a major player in this market for quite some time, cannabinoids have only recently begun to flourish in the UK, but the demand seems to keep increasing. Companies like Natures Aid have a significant role to play in this development. We have reviewed several other brands that sell CBD in different forms before. It’s time for us to check out how good Natures Aid products are. Keep reading our Natures Aid CBD spray review to find out more.  

About The Brand

Natures Aid mainly focuses on producing vitamins, herbal products, and supplements. Established in 1981, they’ve been one of the trusted brands in the UK that produce high-quality supplements. With a massive 430,000 square feet manufacturing facility located in Lancashire, Natures Aid makes sure of all the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, giving special emphasis on the efficacy and quality of the products. 

They are the first UK manufacturing company to be granted a Traditional Herbal Registration (THR) and are key enablers in safeguarding authentic traditional health formulae. Nature’s Aid thus plays a major role in putting natural medical remedies on the map and actively takes effort in further developing the natural health industry. 

Their development team consists of scientists and experts who bring about newer ideas and develop innovative products. Natures Aid strongly believes in the evolutionary quality of health products, and this is a commendable approach, especially concerning the continually evolving scientific advancements. 

The website of Natures Aid also has a very informative blog featuring articles on a vast array of topics ranging from microbiomes to veganism. They also have write-ups regarding what supplements suit different kinds of people and general medical advice regarding supplement intake.

Apart from the blog, the website also features a Health Hub category, which contains Health Guides and write-ups on the latest updates in the Health and Wellness industry. This is a pretty good initiative as this increases the trust bond between the manufacturer and consumer. It also ensures that the consumer has good knowledge about the supplements that they are taking. 

With several awards in their kitty, Natures Aid continues to remain a major player in the Health and CBD industry. Their belief in the healing potential of cannabinoids has translated to their products, including CBD oil sprays and sachets. 


Brand Offerings

For a brand that is not singularly dedicated to CBD products, Natures Aid has a surprisingly good range of products based on cannabidiol. We have listed some of their CBD products below. 

1. Natures Aid CBD Oil Spray

Natures Aid manufactures CBD oil from organic industrial hemp. The oil contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes. This means that your body will be able to benefit from all the parts of the entire cannabis plant. This phenomenon is known as the Entourage effect and uses over a hundred cannabinoids present in the plant. They use carbon dioxide to create CBD extraction. 

Another plus would be the use of MCT oil as the carrier for CBD, as it facilitates digestion and comes with many health benefits. This increases the overall effectiveness of the CBD oil spray and also gives a mild flavour to it, unlike hemp seed oil, which might produce a bitter taste. Natures Aid CBD Spray also consists of peppermint oil for an added flavour, giving it a refreshing aftertaste. 

The spray form reduces any wastage of oil as well as helps with a safer packaging system. The spray bottle ensures that no leakage happens and is also easy to use. Natures Aid CBD Oil is vegan-friendly and is available in three concentrations– 2.5%, 5% and 10%.

2. Natures Aid CBD Oil One-a-Day Sachets

One box of this product contains seven sachets, each of which consists of 10 mg of CBD as a daily dose. The oil is spearmint-flavored, which leaves a nice aftertaste in your mouth after use. This product rules out the difficult task of measuring the exact amount of CBD oil, and you can carry these sachets anywhere with you. All you have to do is tear the sachet and squeeze the Natures Aid CBD Oil onto your tongue. 

3. Natures Aid CBD Gentle and Warming Gel

Natures Aid’s leading topical product would be this vegan-friendly warming gel. When you apply this gel onto your skin, it creates a soothing sensation meant to relax your aching muscles and joints. The combination of menthol and capsicum help with mild pain and also give out a pleasant smell during use. One tub consists of 50 mg of CBD, which is enough. 


Social Media Sentiment

On Trustpilot, Natures Aid has an impressive rating of 4.7 stars out of 5, based on 620 reviews. Many users praised the quality of the CBD oil and found it quite helpful with physical as well as mental stress. Many users also lauded their efficient packaging and delivery service. One of the negatives repeatedly mentioned on this website was how the spray would dribble down the spray bottle. Some of the users also found the products to be a tad expensive. Other than these comments, Natures Aid enjoys generally favourable reviews online. 


Natures Aid holds the advantage of having over three decades of experience in the Health industry. When we consider this with their vast product range, they can arguably be regarded as one of the best in their field. They could work a bit more on their CBD products range as there is definitely more potential in this area, especially with their expertise. 

The available products are of really good quality and, as mentioned, generally carry positive reviews. All things considered, Natures Aid is a CBD brand you can watch out for.