Here is a great example of a follow up letter, in response to a "standard" response from your first. DON'T GIVE UP :)

Thank you for your response.

It is clear from the content of [MP] message that he has not read in the full the email that I sent to him, he has not addressed a single one of the points I raised. As a chronic pain patient who currently has to rely on the criminal markets in order to stay in work, I would like to know that someone will represent my views on the subject during the debate. Regardless of the assumed outcome, I am entitled to be represented and my views heard.

I would like to meet with [MP] in his constituency surgery so that he can get a better understanding of my predicament, and allow him to explain his point of view to me a little better, as I simply do not see any logic in the very weak arguments for continued denial of the medical benefits of cannabis.

I would also point out that the debate which took place last year, lead by Caroline Lucas on the subject of overall drug laws, did not come any such conclusion as suggested in [MP's] response. There was in fact a broad cross party consensus that our current law is totally out of date, lacking in any evidence base, and ought to be reviewed; sadly only a very small number of MPs attended this debate and [MP] was not one of them, despite my request that he attended. With regard to the claim he makes in relation to the attitude of the Conservatives previous coalition partners, I would point out that the election manifesto of the Liberal Democrats contained an immediate allowance for medical cannabis patients to be able to access their medicine in a safe and legal way. Having met with Norman Baker who was minister for drugs in the previous administration, I can very much confirm that the Liberal Democrats did, and do not share in the outdated views of our current administration. 

One final point which I would like to make in reference to [MP] response, is that I do not advocate 'decriminalisation'. I advocate a regulated market, just like the one we currently use to control alcohol and tobacco. A regulated market will create an entire new growth industry for the UK, remove funding for dangerous criminal gangs, it would protect cannabis consumers in the same way that these other restricted markets do, and it would prevent children accessing cannabis where the current system provides no such protections.

I look forward to meeting with [MP] prior to 12th October, please advise suitable dates and I will confirm.

Lastly and most importantly; Do give United Patients Alliance a mention.

GOOD LUCK! Let us know how you get on.

Jon Liebling – Political Director of United Patients Alliance

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