United Patients Alliance need YOUR Help:

United Patients Alliance helped to maximise the impact of every opportunity for change that presented itself in 2018 and for a small bunch of volunteer patients with chronic conditions giving what time and efforts their conditions and limited resources would allow, it’s fair to pause for a moment and reflect on what we have achieved and give ourselves a big (but gentle) pat on the back before driving forwards into 2019 which we hope will become a year of significant patient access.

We need all the help we can get so here are all the ways YOU can help us to achieve more in 2019:


We are always looking for people or organisations who can spare any time or resource at all to help us further our goal of legal access to cannabis therapeutics in the UK.

No matter what you can do, no matter how much time you have, no matter how anonymous you want to be - There is something YOU can do to help - Email UPA NOW! info@upalliance.org

Join United Patients Alliance as an Official Member

During 2019 United Patients Alliance will be working closely with a number of Organisations such as Tilray, Beckley-Canopy and Tikun Olam as they plan and implement Clinical Trials for patients in the UK. One of the additional benefits of membership is that you will be the first to hear about such trials and how to apply.

Become an Official Member of UPA

Become an Official Member of UPA

Engage: Facebook Posts/Tweets/Instagram

  • Follow UPA on Twitter: @upallianceuk

  • Follow UPA on Instagram: @unitedpatientsalliance

  • Like and Follow UPA on Facebook

  • Like our Facebook/Instagram posts and our tweets

  • Comment on our posts and reply to our tweets - this spreads the word (much wider)

  • Share posts/Retweet - spreads the word (much much wider)

  • Share posts in other groups you think are appropriate

  • LIKES – Likes are the throwaway gesture of social media. When you like a post, facebook assigns very little weight to it in their Newsfeed algorithm.

  • COMMENTS – When you comment on a post, facebook’s gives 10 TIMES more weight to comments.

  • SHARES – A share is the brass ring on Facebook. This is huge in terms of exposure, word-of-mouth recommendation, and credibility. Facebook assigns the most weight to shares. 100 TIMES BETTER!

Letter/MP Writing <- Click link for detailed help

  • Write to your MP

    • Highlight your own condition/situation

    • Ask for their support

    • Highlight recent APPG launch and all its information/initiatives

    • Highlight the best Scientific Evidence

    • Request support for United Patients Alliance and #EndOurPain

    • Ask for Face to Face Meeting

    • Newspapers/Magazines

      • Patient Stories (Pref Public but can be anonymous)

      • Articles (individual or groups?) for publication about the APPG Launch and #EndOurPain

        • Be supportive, but can suggest that it does not go far enough for you/your group...because.....(GYO, Extracts, Choice/Range, etc.....)

        • "Have your say" sections of newspapers like (Metro, Sun, Mail, Telegraph, etc)

        • Published Articles

          • Share

          • Comment

          • Share your comment

Other Activities

  • Help organise UPA UK Event and/or Grassroots showings (2 separate events...probably?)

    • Brighton, London, Bristol, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow + any others you would like to suggest

    • Ideas for improving event nights

    • Finding + booking suitable venues

    • Event Admin/Advertising/Leafletting/Posters

    • Recruiting in local area

    • Hosting event in local area

    • Become Regional Admin and recruit local help?

    • Meme Making

      • Ideas for good memes

      • Graphic Design for branded memes

    • Video Shorts

      • Short video clips (with branding and subtitles) say 30s on why you choose cannabis for your condition - The more the merrier!

    • Blogging (Need content for brand new website due for launch soon)

      • Writing blogs about almost anything in relation to Cannabis as a Medicine

      • Writing opinion pieces about #UPA #EndOurPain, APPG Launch, Mike Barnes' report, UPA Patient Survey

        • No opinion will be censored but would strongly prefer "supportive" Eg: Brilliant and a great step forward, thanks, blah BUT: Better if, needs that, should be like this because.....etc....

    • Other website content:

      • Guides

        • GYO

        • Care Giver/Community Sharing

        • Extracts

        • Harm Reduction

        • Dosage guide

        • General consumption advice

        • Legal Advice

        • Any other ideas

        • Research for Soundbites from UK based sources

          • Politicians/Celebrities etc

          • Search Hansard/TheyWorkForYou

Take a Primary Role within UPA

There are so many things that we need to do in order to RUN UPA more effectively. We need capable/experienced people, or those willing to learn on the job, who are self-starters with their own ideas to bring and don't need to much guidance or direction. 

Even if all you can spare is a few hours a week - we can use your help and your skills

  • Providing Support for each of our Directors

    • Events/London Events

    • Outreach

    • Political/Lobbying

    • Design

    • Administration

    • Diversity

    • Social Media Management

  • Merchandising/Stock Management

  • Running/Working our Online "Shop"

  • Administering Our Website and our Social Media Presence

  • Setting up and managing our business partners and affiliates

  • Fundraising

  • Policy Management (Human Resource Management)

  • Recruitment/Onboarding

  • Project Management

Become a Patient Voice

  • We are always looking for patients willing to speak out publicly and be available for media interviews/events

  • I hate saying this, but it is just TRUE - The more emotional your story, the better. The more debilitating your illness, the better. Wheelchairs/Walking sticks all welcome! The more eloquent you are the better. The more presentable you are, the better - We put patients forward, it is (ALWAYS) the media who select who they want!

  • Particularly looking for:

    • Veterans

    • Medical Professionals

    • Elderly

    • Child

    • Mothers

    • Anyone who can demonstrate "live" the "rapid" impacts of cannabis consumption

    • Mental Illnesses - Unique Opportunity

      • In no small way to the support of Norman Lamb MP, we have significant focus on the benefits of cannabis to mental health conditions, especially: PTSD and Anxiety

      • We need willing patients with these or related conditions also with broader/other mental health conditions who get benefit from cannabis to step forwards

Businesses and Organisations

If you run or work in a business or organisation that may have skills and/or resources that could help in any area, then PLEASE get in touch and we can talk about how we might be able to help each other. We could particularly use some help (even if it is just a few hours a week) with: Eg: If you can spare some resources, we would be happy to endorse and link to your business from our website in return

  • Advertising, Design and Marketing

  • Web, Social Media and Content Management

  • IT Support

  • Fundraising/Funding

  • Media Training

NOW is the time to make a difference. NOW is the time to be heard. NOW is the time to support Cannabis as a Medicine.

United Patients Alliance Ltd. are a Not For Profit organisation run by chronically ill patient volunteers. Our charity application is in progress. Unfortunately everything we do costs money as well as time.

So if all you have to give is MONEY then you can help by Donating NOW

Donate NOW

All funds raised through events/sales/donations are used to advance legal access to cannabis therapeutics in the UK.

Join us/Follow Us/Like Us/Help Us.

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