Re-newed thanks for your support on my 10 minute rule bill. I tend to be over optimistic but having had my last proposed bill adopted by Government I am hopeful that a change in Government attitudes is taking place. Below is a comment from the Leader of the House last Thursday. The Government have also done a "volte face" on safe injecting rooms. 

The bill has virtually no chance of progress without Government support. It is possible that in their search for new popular policies they may select this. My local paper the South Wales Argus is running a poll at the moment. They have had a big 500 plus response with 78% supportive of the bill. That is in line with other popular views.

The House of Commons magazine has also named me Campaigner of the week.

These are all small but significant indications of a changing climate on drugs policy.

As a next step I will seek a meeting with Amber Rudd/Sarah Newton to discuss possible progress.

May I include you along with the MS Society as members of the delegation?

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Best wishes,
Paul Flynn MP (Newport West)

Have the Tories changed their minds on drug policies?

Yesterday we heard the Government backed safe injecting rooms. Today the Conservative Leader of the House warmly backed my bill to legalised Medicinal cannabis (see below). 10 minutes rule bills have little hope of success until the Government decides to give them a fair wind. It may be that the Government are horrified that 47 years of harsh prohibition has given the UK this year the highest number of heroin deaths ever. The contrast with drugs laws in the Netherlands and here is an overwhelming proof that prohibition does not work.


That this House believes it’s the duty of the good citizen to challenge laws that oppress the sick and the powerless and deny them their medicines of their choice, congratulates the Patients United Association for the act of mass civil disobedience in breaking the discredited, cruel, unenforceable law that criminalises thousands of seriously ill patients for using natural cannabis to relieve symptoms of severe pain and spasm: thanks the police for their wise restraint and the Multiple Sclerosis Society, two Police and Crime Commissioners and hon members for their support for a new compassionate practical reform of medicinal cannabis use to replace the present irresponsible black market with a legal one that can be regulated, removing the threat of prosecution from those already suffering disproportionate burdens of life’s misfortunes. 

Paul Flynn (Newport West) (Lab)
May we have a debate on early-day motion 372 so that I can enjoy the lifetime first experience of congratulating the Government on an intelligent drugs policy of approving safe injecting rooms? I congratulate the Multiple Sclerosis Society and the United Patients Alliance on the act of civil disobedience that was undertaken on Tuesday of this week, when a group of seriously ill patients protested against an unjust and unenforceable law. These are people who have already suffered more than their fair share of life’s misfortunes, and it is wrong that they should live under the threat of prosecution for taking their medicine of choice—the only medicine that will cure them of their symptoms.


Andrea Leadsom Leader of the House

I congratulate the hon. Gentleman on his ten-minute rule Bill—I happened to be in the Chamber for its introduction—which seeks to address this very issue. In particular, in raising this issue he will, of course, have proper Government scrutiny over it. I wish him well in achieving his ambition.