Tonight ITV will air the premiere of their new programme “gone to pot” the show features some well known faces to the British public and is an interesting look into how cannabis can effect different people.

It is particularly relevant to us here at the UPA for a number of reasons. Firstly and most importantly the show deals with patients. 5 celebrities that all have a health condition that could benefit from cannabis. So it is about people like us on a journey to see if cannabis can help them!

Secondly timing is key, if there ever was a time that the UPA's campaigns needed a big, well funded professional look into the medical cannabis industry in the USA its now. Our Patron Paul Flynn needs all the support he can get for his medical cannabis access bill, ITV couldn't have timed it better.

You can read my more in-depth summary of the show here.

To watch the ups and downs of medical cannabis tune into “gone to pot” tonight at 9pm on ITV.

Clark French
Founder & Director of the United Patients Alliance