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United Patients Alliance Ltd. are a charitable organisation in the process of applying for Charity Registration. We are not-for-profit and completely independent.

For UPA to endorse any supplier to our patients and supporters, we expect the very highest quality standards. We are confident that the suppliers here meet those standards. 

 Discount Code: UPA10

Discount Code: UPA10

10% off Cannawell's product range. Use Code: UPA10 at the checkout


Amma Life are members of the European Industrial Hemp Association and have the most stringent quality testing and labelling detail in the industry.

 Discount Code: UPA10%CBD

Discount Code: UPA10%CBD

10% off Amma Life’s products. Click here to go to their website and please remember to use coupon code UPA10%CBD at the checkout.




We met CBDBrothers recently a little while ago now and we really love what they are building. We go into rather more details here: Meeting the CBDBrothers

Besides many more things we have decided to work together on, they supported our Medical Cannabis Conference and AGM

 Discount Code: CBD10D

Discount Code: CBD10D

They have offered our supporters a 10% discount on all their great products for orders over £60. - Just use the Code: CBD10D at the checkout. 


Quintessential & Quintessential Tips have been trading for almost 30 years and are founded on the principle of 'First you give, then you receive'. At the heart of both businesses are our focus on great Customer Service as well as general environmental awareness and Fair Trade.
We are a retail outlet in Truro, Cornwall and the originators of the Quintessential brand of smoking tips. We are responsible for being the first worldwide to bring unbleached smoking products to the market.

Over the last few years Quintessential Tips has added a diverse on-line 'CBD Supermarket' bringing customers the best of the best in CBD and favouring the organic wherever possible.

Our Mission Statement in particular to Hemp is quite simple....
Quintessential wholly endorses the cultivation of Hemp for the Health, Happiness & Prosperity of all.

As the burgeoning CBD market is becoming ever more complex and confusing, we hope our good reputation for high quality & honest trading, together with our prior research on all brands offered, will make it easier for clients to compare and make an informed choice.
Quintessential are pleased to support the UPA in the very important work it does for their clients and we recognise the great value of their many years of hard slog and dedication on behalf of us all.

 10% Discount Code: UnitedPatientsAlliance10%

10% Discount Code: UnitedPatientsAlliance10%

Quintessential are giving UPA supporters and patients 10% off every order over £20.

Just use the CODE: UnitedPatientsAlliance10% at the checkout to receive your discount


Endoca manufacture from seed to product. They are one of only a handful of EU organisations who have attained Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) approved standards. All of their products are certified organic.  

They are also investing heavily in the future of the cannabinoid industry and in addition have created a foundation to help those who are less able to afford their products.

To see some of the great charitable work they do - Check out The Endoca Foundation.

 Endoca 20% Discount Code: endocaukup

Endoca 20% Discount Code: endocaukup

For an amazing 20% discount you can either use the CODE: endocaukup or you can follow this LINK.


Our mission is to create an environment where individuals can source premium quality health products with confidence. Savage Cabbage will conduct business with passion and integrity, and continue to research and share our findings with our customers as a community. We will be courageous as we lead Savage Cabbage™ forward into the future

Jade & Leslie

Check out the full story here: How Savage Cabbage met Charlotte's Web

 Discount Code:  patient

Discount Code:  patient

Savage Cabbage have offered our supporters a 10% discount off all their Charlotte's Web Products.

Just use the CODE: patient


We are an ethical business, established to help others through sharing our own experience.

Based in Scotland, we supply the finest quality hemp products from around the world. CBD Oils, Hemp Foods, Hemp Clothes, Hemp Construction.

 Discount Code: UPA10OFF

Discount Code: UPA10OFF

Holistic Hemp Scotland have offered our patients and supporters a 10% discount in their entire range.

Just use the CODE: UPA10OFF aty the checkout


All Hemp Everything - Let them know you are from United Patients Alliance by messaging them with the CODE: UPA25 and you will receive a massive 25% discount on all their CBD products. (Automated Website Coming Soon)

AHED is the first local shop for All Hemp Everything, based in Darwen, Lancashire.

Focusing on cannabidiol (CBD), we aim to help you achieve your health goals with a natural alternative to nasty pharmaceuticals and now that the World Health Organisation has just announced that there are no possible negative side-effects to CBD, which makes our products a much SAFER alternative to traditional, pharmaceutical medications (which have been linked to the rising opioid crisis in the UK and the USA).


Optimal Hemp and United Patients Alliance will be working together on Podcasts to help spread the work about the great benefits and the need for legal access to cannabis therapeutics. During our podcast we will speak with hemp advocates and brands from around the world, and explore subjects ranging from Hemp for Health, Industrial Hemp, Hemp Clothing, Sustainability and more more. New Shows will be available each week and are available on iTunes Podcast, Stitcher Radio, within the CastBox App and through other networks! Find out more on our podcast page: Optimal Hemp Podcast

We also provide CBD Oils and Hemp Products for the UK and Europe to support you with attaining Optimal Health. Our products range from CBD Oils, Capsules, E-Liquids/ Vaping Oils, Balms & Creams


We are also proud to announce that we collaborate with Massage Therapists and Reflexologists from around the UK to bring you CBD Infused Massage and Reflexology Treatments.

Consumer Feedback

Please feedback on all experiences with any of these companies and their products and look out for many more partnerships coming very soon and not only in the Hemp Oil product areas: Email

Consumer Support and Product Information

United Patients Alliance can provide general information on the benefits of CBD Rich Hemp Oil Products, however if you are lookoing for more detailed information on specific products we recommend these Consumer Groups for trustworthy, qualified, friendly, independent and unbiased advice: 



CBD Users UK - United!

 CBD Users UK - United

CBD Users UK - United


Please note that not all consumer groups can be said to only have the best interests of patients and consumers as a priority. There is a great deal of misinformation about companies, products, benefits, laws and regulation in the public domain. We, at United Patients Alliance are very well informed and always happy to help if you are unsure about anything. 

For Vendors/sellers/manufacturers: The MHRA and the FSA are happy to accept and answer queries regarding concerns of any nature directly. They have helped many companies sort out their issues and we can say they are very friendly and helpful. We would be happy to direct you to the relevant departments.

United Patients Alliance Ltd.

United Patients Alliance Ltd, is a Non-Profit charitable organisation currently applying for Charity Registration. Any and all proceeds from any product or service UPA recommend or provide will be invested in supporting our members and advancing legal access to cannabis therapeutics in the UK for all. We are currently applying for Charity Registration. All financial accounts will be published annually.





United Patients Alliance Ltd. is not providing any medical advice and none should be inferred from any products, ideas, suggestions, testimonials or other information on our website.

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