10% Compassionate Discount Code: CBD10D

10% Compassionate Discount Code: CBD10D


Meeting CBD Brothers

It was a long and windy drive and I was grateful for the specific and detailed directions - you wouldn't find this place by accident. No signs anywhere! Pulling into the small driveway, thanks to a tall fence, I still couldn't see much, so I approached the gate and rang the bell. Then through the sound of dogs barking; "Hey Jon, just a minute..." and a few moments later, I finally met Ben - and their dogs :)

My eyes scanned the farm now that I could see it properly: New, rather large prefab building flanked with a couple of portaloos overlooking a few farm animals and some impressive vegetables growing in boxes. Ben showed me around talking about their goal of running the whole business using sustainable farming, zero emissions and producing their own power. Ok - So these peeps really are something rather different from all the CBD companies I had seen so far: They have a philosophy - their intent is to do good - lots of it, and without damaging our planet in the process.

The other thing that was immediately apparent was the welcoming and friendly spirit of everybody I saw busying about and getting things done. They seemed more like a family than a bunch of employees. I was already very comfortable here......and now I had a nice mug of tea too!

Unfortunately I was unable to meet both brothers as Andrew was busy in Spain building what will be a Cannabis retreat/ laboratory and social club where people will be able to research and treat any condition they may have using cannabis, with licensing complete they hope to be up and running very soon. Not to worry though as Ben and I, along with 4 or 5 others from time to time talked about attitudes, histories, values and goals whilst intermittently playing musical cars in their small driveway ;) We also discussed some of the challenges being faced and was delighted to hear that of primary concern to Ben and CBDBrothers were patients. Everything else, starts from there - just like United Patients Alliance. Everything else was product quality, effectiveness, research and business integrity - all things that are seriously lacking in the nascent CBD-Rich Hemp Oil sales industry. I also saw how much product they actually give away both as free samples and as gifts to deserving local and national patients who could otherwise not afford to buy their own.

Before I go and see any company on behalf of UPA, I do my research and many questions and challenges had been raised about CBDBrothers which I wanted to get answers for. It really didn't take long to be utterly reassured that every stone thrown at them was unsubstantiated and inaccurate, but my opinion doesn't really matter when you have just seen all the collaborative and direct communications between CBDBrothers and the authorities, such as the MHRA. They are following the guidelines given to them directly.

There are organisations making all sorts of claims about influence and authority with regulatory bodies and making legality claims about some vendors products. All I will say about that in this article is that you should be VERY sceptical of any organisation making such claims - the MHRA have stated in writing that they have not and never will abdicate any of their regulatory responsibilities to any trade organisation and would take a dim view should any organisation make such a claim. Any concerned vendor is welcome to contact them directly for any advice. They really are very helpful. 

Ben and Andrew recognise that there have been some issues that have needed to be addressed. They had a serious website security failure, where customer data was briefly exposed, but there have been no reports of any consequences and the issue was reported and stopped immediately and fixed. There have been questions about the clarity of their product labelling, some questions over responsiveness to emails; and again they have taken the feedback on board and are making improvements to their systems and processes all of the time. I have no doubt they are committed to their customer and patient satisfaction and in reality, the overwhelming customer feedback is very positive. They accept feedback, take ownership of any issues and fix them. As a former IT Manager, I was suitably impressed at their response to an issue. They are a young business dedicated to doing good in the world - passionately.

So, all challenges dismissed and addressed, Ben showed me the rest of their operation including their brand new, state of the art and fully equipped lab - unfortunately the professional chemist who runs the lab was not there but again, I was not in any doubt about CBDBrother's commitment to product quality and accuracy and furthering product research.

We started to talk about how we might collaborate and Ben told me about the two local schools who CBDBrothers had bought a load of new sports equipment for who were planning an educational visit to their farm and the local Women's Institute who came over to find out "What this local cannabis business was all about" along with the attitude you might have expected who are now helping to promote their products because they work so well. Then I learnt about their sponsorship and support for Junior CBD Ambassador and Olympic hopeful, Geordie:

"Geordie is a classified para archer and is working towards inclusion in a GB Para Squad. Geordie is dedicated to his sport and finds both the physical and mental aspects of competing to be fabulously therapeutic for his myriad of life changing medical conditions."


You can read more here about Geordie's Olympic Bid here.


What a fantastic day, getting to know the CBDBrothers family; making friends and restoring some faith in humanity with the very best values that the future cannabis industry can offer.

As far as I and United Patients Alliance are concerned, on attitudes, friendliness, product quality, integrity, goals and intentions - CBD Brothers are an excellent and unique example of Patient/Customer First

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Jon Liebling – Political Director of United Patients Alliance

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