Patient disclosure guidelines

These guidelines are designed to help you through the process of completing the Patient Disclosure Form. Please make sure you read these before you book an appointment to make your disclosure.

You can download these guidelines in PDF here.

Or in Word/Doc Here.

The Form

The disclosure form, which you can download towards the bottom of this page, is an opportunity for you or your family member to disclose how you find Cannabinoids help you manage your medical condition. The aim is to help practitioners understand patient experience and to empower them with the knowledge they need to be able to make a clinical decision on which type of prescribable product would be appropriate for you in future.

Please take the time to complete it in its entirety; and hand over all three pages (including the covering letter) to your practitioner. Please make use of the notes section for any additional information you think would be helpful. You may also use the back of the paper to elaborate further.

The Disclosure

As with any disclosure you make to a practitioner, this is covered by doctor - patient confidentiality. There are times when you may choose to allow a third party to view your records; please bare in mind that in line with the rest of your notes this disclosure will be included.

The Conversation

We find language is very important when talking to medical professionals about Cannabis. Some examples of helpful language adaptations below:

Cannabis or Cannabinoids instead of Weed - ‘I feel Cannabinoids help me to live a more normal life’

Consume or medicate instead of Use - ‘when I consume Cannabis, my pain is reduced from an eight to a two’ or ‘when I medicate with Cannabis I am less likely to have a neurological event’

It may also help to provide some context as to how you managed before/after Cannabis. To do this you can use examples of everyday situations such as self care requirements, the need for assistance with cooking/dressing or even how you now function in society.

For example ‘Prior to my exploration of Cannabis; five out of seven days I was isolated at home. If I have the medication/strain I need then I can get out of the house and socialise most days.’

The Future

We are approaching a massive overhaul of Cannabis medicine and we acknowledge that it is going to take some time to train and educate the tens of thousands of medical professionals in the UK. This is a massive undertaking and has meant that a lot of the way that the authorities look at medicine has had to be rewritten overnight. We are not yet at a point where access is widespread, but the United Patients Alliance and Families 4 Access are assisting NHS England and NICE through this process to ensure that a fair and appropriate system is put into place as soon as possible.

In the meantime we would like to track the conversations geographically so that we can share these figures with decision makers.......

How you can help build the future

1. Tear off the bottom of the third page.

2. Fill in your constituency name.

3. Snap a picture of yourself holding the sign, perhaps outside the surgery (we won’t be offended if you prefer not to show your beautiful face)

4. Hash tag #nopatientleftbehind and share on Instagram, in our Facebook group/s or send us a message with it.

You can download the Medical Cannabis Patient Disclosure Form in PDF here.

And in Word here.

We wish you the best of luck with your disclosure, please let us know how you get on.

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All the best United Patient Alliance & Families 4 Access

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