Access4Patients - operated by NuMeds Services Ltd - announces that it has successfully enabled the first patient in the UK to legally obtain a private prescription supply for medicinal cannabis dispensed .

United Patients Alliance Ltd - announces collaboration and support for the Access4Patients service

Access4Patients has announced today that its online system/app has successfully been able to support the first adult patient with their private medical cannabis prescription. The medication has been successfully dispensed from an approved pharmacy and delivered direct to the patient. The delivery was made on the 08/02/2019 setting a new legal pathway for patient access to medical cannabis.

Under the new legal framework for medical cannabis in the UK, specialist doctors can now prescribe cannabis-based medicines to patients who can obtain the legal supply  dispensed directly to them.

Being one of the first companies to successfully support a patient’s needs in relation to cannabis-based medicines in the UK, demonstrates the ability of our company to navigate complex and evolving legal regulatory systems. This has been made possible by a series of contracts that cover all aspects of the importation and distribution of the medicines
— Marios Panteli - M.D. Numeds

NuMeds is currently expanding its network in the UK to ensure our patients get all the support they require, whilst having legal access to medical cannabis when needed. The company has issued the first medical cannabis patient ID card, which can be used alongside an in-app copy of the prescription, to establish the patient’s status to the authorities. In addition they also make public, their collaboration with the United Patients Alliance Ltd , who are in support of the Access4Patients service.  

United Patients Alliance are delighted to have been working closely with NuMeds Services Ltd. in the creation of Access4Patients and fully endorse the service from which a few of our patients have already benefited and we expect that many more will in due course.
— Jonathan Liebling - UPA Director

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About Access4Patients

Access4Patients is an online Medical Cannabis Patient Support system in the UK which works as an app for mobile devices and it will allow patients to access medical cannabis related services and advice, such as prescription dispensing, registration services and a directory of specialist doctors and clinics.

The system is operated by Numeds Services Ltd which has established a consistent and efficient support network of services, based on the currently available medical cannabis patient services in the UK .

Patients will be able to download a link for the app for Android which will become available on Monday 17/2/19 (iphone version pending)

About United Patients Alliance Ltd.

United Patients Alliance formed in 2014 to provide tireless advocacy, essential education and compassionate campaigning for a United Kingdom in which patients can legally access medical cannabis to treat their chronic conditions.


For more information contact:

Numeds Services Limited. - Marios Panteli M.D


United Patients Alliance - Jonathan Liebling - Political Director