Palmetto Harmony Review 2021

In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of CBD products across the UK and various other European countries. This is because CBD products have exhibited beneficial effects on individuals with issues like anxiety, insomnia, and chronic aches. 

Naturally, there has also been a consequent growth of the CBD industry, with myriad companies selling an array of commonly used CBD products. Palmetto Harmony is one such brand that has quite a positive public image. 

If you are looking for Palmetto Harmony reviews, we discuss the brand and the products they offer in this comprehensive guide. 

About Palmetto Harmony

Palmetto has a rather personal story attached to its origin. It was founded by Janel Ralph, a mother who was looking for treatment options to alleviate her daughter’s health conditions since pharmaceutical remedies remained ineffective. In fact, the company was named after Janel’s daughter, Harmony. 

Based in the US, the company specializes in developing full-spectrum cannabinoid products. It is a vertically integrated hemp company- meaning that it cultivates, extracts, packages and distributes hemp directly by the staff from their facility. 

The manufacturing facility is FDA-approved and all of their products go through third-party testing as well as testing by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture. Palmetto Harmony is also the first CBD establishment to have its flowers and viable seeds certified by the US Department of Agriculture. 


What Do They Offer?

For those who are not acquainted with the terminology, CBD products are available in different strengths and contain different kinds of compounds. Broadly, there are three types:

  • Full-Spectrum: These products contain small amounts of THC along with a complete range of phytochemicals such as flavonoids and terpenes.
  • Broad-Spectrum: Products of this kind contain all the compounds that naturally occur in cannabis, but no THC.
  • Isolate: Isolates are refined products that only contain CBD and no other substance. 

Palmetto Harmony specializes in manufacturing full-spectrum CBD products. A lot of consumers would tell you that full-spectrum products give you a more holistic experience since they contain a whole range of essential chemicals. 

This brand is a little more expensive than a lot of other CBD brands, but as we will see in the next section, the Palmetto Harmony reviews on Trustpilot have been overwhelmingly positive.

It is important to note that the company has created a unique space in the CBD market since they grow, extract, produce, package, and deliver all of their products from one facility. This kind of vertical integration allows them to control all aspects of the supply chain, thus maintaining consistent quality. For example, Harmony derives its CBD from organically-grown hemp with additional worm castings, which helps introduce a number of beneficial microbes to the soil. 

1. Palmetto Harmony Organic Hemp Oils

Palmetto Harmony CBD oil is a full-spectrum CBD product containing terpenes and phytochemicals. They are derived from organic, US-grown hemp-infused in organic MCT oils that are manufactured from coconuts. 

Even though they come in different sizes, the strength of CBD is a consistent 20mg per ml of oil. The various size options are: 30ml (600mg of organic hemp), 100ml (2000mg) and 32oz (18,920mg). 

Yes, that last one is the largest possible bottle of CBD you can find in the market. And even though Harmony’s products are relatively expensive, the 32oz bottle offers tremendous value for money. And lastly, if you do not like the earthy taste of CBD, Harmony’s hemp oil comes in an orange flavour as well. 

2. Palmetto Harmony Vaping Product

Harmony’s vaping products are not available for those under the age of 21. Their Aura vape oil is made out of two simple ingredients – vegetable glycerin and hemp CBD. This makes its consistency thicker than your usual vaping oils. This oil is unflavoured, completely organic, and contains a full-spectrum terpene profile. 

It is available in sizes of 15ml and 30ml, with 15mg CBD per ml. As for vaping, you can use a standard sub-ohm vape. Some devices might not be compatible with the thick consistency of the oil – do keep that in mind if you are planning on buying this. 

If you want to be a little creative, you can mix the vaping oil with a VG/PG blend. However, the brand also offers you replaceable pre-filled cartridges and a vape device specially designed to work with their vaping product. Some of the Palmetto Harmony reviews have shown a negative reaction to this particular product of theirs, so do look into the details before you invest in it. 

3. Skin Care, Topicals And Other Products

The company has a range of skincare CBD products for you:

  • Night Cream (lavender-flavored)
  • Hydrating Lotion (mango-flavored)
  • Bar Soaps
  • 4Cs Anti-Wrinkle Cream

These aim to provide you with soft, moisturized skin, along with the added benefits of CBD. 

Harmony’s CBD balms use hemp, shea butter, and various essential oils to create a balm that aims to address issues such as body aches. USDA-certified and completely free of synthetic fragrance, the balm is non-sticky and has a mild aroma of the natural ingredients it contains. Since this is a topical product, you can simply apply it to the area of discomfort for quick pain alleviation. 

Apart from these, Harmony also has an ingestible soft gel and a couple of options for hemp oils for pets. Moreover, they provide you with Palmetto Harmony coupons at checkout so that you can save some bucks.


Social Media Sentiment

After looking through several reviews, we can safely say that Harmony has been really well-received. It has a whopping 4.8 stars (925 ratings) on Trustpilot, with about 94% of people rating it 5 stars. 

Given those numbers, it is evident that most of the Palmetto Harmony reviews mention that the products have helped them with some form of chronic pain- be it arthritis, muscle pain or even post-surgical aches. People have also shared positive feedback regarding their customer service and the care the company has shown to their clients. 

In some of the negative reviews, customers have expressed their grievances about the discontinuation of some previously sold products (or flavours). A few have also talked about how the products did not work for them; but, CBD products don’t always work for everyone. They are popular because they work for most. Harmony was also quick to respond to almost all of the negative reviews we saw on Trustpilot. 

Final Thoughts

Picking a specific CBD brand can seem daunting since there’s no way to know which brand might work for you. If you are someone who prefers full-spectrum products, Palmetto Harmony could be the right option for you. The brand has reliable customer service and its products have been loved by customers. So, we do believe it’s worth a shot.