First had problems with my right shoulder (right handed), four weeks after the birth of my first child. This was later diagnosed as mild FSH Muscular Dystrophy. I was prescribed the following but all had side effects I could not live with:

Naproxen and Lansoprazole - cause abdominal cramps and stomach tenderness.

Co Codamol (highest strength) - made me zombie like and gave me terrible constipation which was very painful.

Amitriptyline - this made me have suicidal thoughts

PreGabalin - this messed with my head, I didn't know where I was or why I was there, complete Zombie. Plus just dropping 10mg caused me to have three days of flu like symptoms from withdrawal.

Tramadol - Made me snappy and irritable when not using it, caused an anxiety attack, I would see double, I was not connecting with life at all, couldn't remember anything.

Baclofen - after suffering the side effects of the other drugs I read about this one first and decided it was too dangerous and did not take it.

After going through all of these over the course of a year. I had a car crash when we were six weeks pregnant with our second child. I then developed Fibromyalgia which effects my right arm, both hands, my lower back, my hips, my legs and my feet. I waited 7 months for a pain clinic appointment, but when I got there he did not care about my FM he was only bothered about my shoulder, offered me a steroid injection which I refused because my shoulder wasn't the issue at the time. I asked about Sativex but no one would discuss it. That is when I decided to use Cannabis. I have now used Cannabis to treat ALL of my symptoms everyday for the past four and a half years.  Use about 1 gram a day, I vapourise it, use RSO and make canna butter. It has saved my life, I can sleep, eat, pain is bearable, my mobility is better and most importantly I can feel like and be me. Pain can be gone or manageable in seconds to minutes, I can wipe out any bouts of fatigue in seconds, I eat, without it I have zero appetite and I sleep, on cannabis insomnia is not an issue. Which means everything else is easier to deal with. But I have to be a criminal to use it and it is very costly. My illnesses have taken my life away, I can't work, I can barely walk, but cannabis gives me hope of some sort of a normal life without persistent torture.