I have been both interested in cannabis and a cannabis consumer for over 20 years but have only been using every day medically now for the last 3 years to treat the symptoms of both an anxiety disorder and depression.

Initially I went to see my new local Dr who upon an initial 5 minute chat prescribed some ssri anti depressants and told to take every day at a half dosage to be increased to full dose after a week.

I reacted so badly with negative side effects to these drugs that after 2 days at half dose immediately stopped taking. With one of the many negative side effects listed on these drugs too being suicidal tendencies and the way i felt taking them briefly i decided I didn't want to take pharmaceuticals to treat this.

I treat my anxiety and depression using sativa dominant cannabis strains. The uplifting, creative and energetic highs from these strain types is perfect to uplift mood and make me feel generally happier. The calming effects too from the cannabis also eases my anxiety by calming and relaxing my thinking and helps me process things more rationally and logically. Without it my thinking can be sometimes erratic often over worrying about things and over thinking certain situations.

Cannabis massively helps me get through the day comfortably and to live a normal and active lifestyle. Also through using cannabis daily I was completely able to give up the use of both alcohol and tobacco too. I really don't see why I should risk being prosecuted for taking a natural medicine that enables me to live out a healthy, active and happier lifestyle.

Cannabis can medically be of use for so many different things and needs to be available in the UK to patients who really need access to it. Cannabis can replace so many pharmaceutical drugs and in many cases has far less possible negative side effects too, So why is it still a criminal offence to choose the safer option?