"Patients in the UK need access to medical cannabis immediately. To expect anyone to cope or even survive on heavy opiate based medications for their entire lives shows how both cruel and inhumane political ideology can be. We need to remove the stigma from medical cannabis use"


Jacob is 27 years old and has been battling chronic and neuropathic pain for eight years. Born with a diaphragmatic-hernia and needing immediate life threatening/saving surgery, he then needed further corrective surgery after six months due to ruptures. In 2007 he was rushed to hospital after being found unconscious due to extreme pain and excessive internal bleeding. Urged to undergo invasive experimental surgery to access the problem he had adhesions and scarring removed from his abdomen and bowels. Since then he has struggled with intense pain,spasms, digestion and dietary problems and has relied on herbal cannabis as his sole source of relief. After trialling various antispasmodics and opiates which all incurred horrific side effects he was awarded trials on Nabilone and Sativex. He found that neither medications were effective in combating his symptoms so he is currently trying to get legal access to a Bedrocan option.