From about the age of 3, I have had stomach issues. This was treated over the years with milk of magnesia, rennies, and antibiotics. I suffered a lot of ear infections, stomach bugs and coughs.

At the age of 7 Ideveloped acne which again was treated with antibiotic creams and tablets such as minocin-mr, Zineryt®, Erythromycin, roaccutane tablets and gel and Skinoren Azelaic Acid.

(From the age of 8, I was having minor musculoskeletal symptoms -mild neck and shoulder problems, easily injured, given paracetamol)

I was prescribed Minocin-mr for a few years combined with zineryt. When these stopped working I was given erythromycin to which I often threw up.

when the antibiotics stopped working, I was put on Roaccutane(!!) at the age of 9 Which has alone caused me some problems that I still suffer with to this day. This drug is so dangerous, my parents had to sign a disclaimer form so they couldn't press charges, should I drop dead, or something similar..

So why am I telling you this?

Because at the age of 11 -  I fell unwell, and becamebed ridden for months with no help of my GP - I was given 6000mg of paracetamol per day at one point.

I was referred to a neurologist who sent me for an mri scan - results were normal but apparently Great ormand st found areas of my brain that had been attacked by a virus - I'm not sure if this information is correct.

The neurologist put me on amitriptyline, this drug gave me awful psychological side effects and did not help any of my symptoms. 

(My parents were having legal threats made against them if I didn't attend school, just to throw that into the mix..)

After 3 years of suffering I was finally diagnosed with M.E - The suffering didn't ease though.

If you know what M.E is, you will know that the symptom list is endless.
 I was bed, house and wheelchair bound for 5-6 years - The next 6 was a blurry struggle.


Along came Cannabis
The first time I tried cannabis, I think I nearly passed out from coughing (haha)
But the relief from the cluster headache I was havingwas quite a surprise, I stretched out from my curled up position, and within minutes I could string sentences together. I was in a state of relief and shock - How could I have been deprived from something that could help me so quickly?
Since consuming cannabis, I have been able to participate in life more, create memories that I can actually remember, help out with my family's home business on better days, and volunteer with the amazing UPA team.

 How different would my childhood have been if I had had access to this? Would I have been able to attend school and have a relatively improved childhood and teenage years - Hell yes.  because:
Cannabis helps me wake up, it helps me eat, it helps me to communicate, it helps me relax, it helps me sleep. IT HELPS MY PAIN.
It helps the small things too, like my acne.

Imagine how much money the NHS would have saved if I had been prescribed CBD or cannabis as a child? I can't even imagine how different my life could have been if CBD/cannabis had been my treatment instead of the cocktail of antibiotics on such a young digestive system. But better late than never..

In combination of using cannabis, I am also using CBD oil by CBD Brothers - as I write this I am less than a week in from taking it - yet already I am noticing how I am able to type easier, and be that little bit more quick witted (and annoying, haha) around my friends, family and coworkers here at the UPA.

There is no treatment for M.E
There is little successful treatment for chronic migraine
So why should we sit and suffer, when potential (and proven) relief is already here, in the form of a beautiful, yet powerful plant?