In February 2003 I was diagnosed with MS. The few months leading up to that, I was suffering intense numbness throughout my body. This was mostly effecting my left side. 3 years previous to this I was experiencing intense pins and needles and this was diagnosed as having Guillain–Barré syndrome that has similar symptoms to MS.  In reality, it was my first MS relapse.

When diagnosed with MS in 2003, I was told by my NHS neurologist to avoid all Pharmacological solutions for as long as I possibly could. Since that day and thanks to cannabis, I never have. Although, it has been offered to me by various neurologists.  I distanced myself from the NHS knowing that they had nothing to offer me.

A friend had informed me of consuming cannabis as an effective medicine. I had wanted to increase my fitness and found that cannabis allowed me to walk two half marathons dressed as a cannabis leaf. Unfortunately, this was in the days before the UPA and there was very little activism, organisation and support. Basically, I was on my own.

I eventually got prescribed Sativex after a brutal relapse in January 2013. Suddenly, I was unable to walk but I could now deal with the pain. Despite Sativex my health was still getting worse.  I could only walk 20 feet before collapsing.

In August 2013 I discovered I could improve my health with diet and lifestyle. Within a month I could clearly sense the improvement in my endocannabinoid system. I could actually sense anandamide which blew my mind.

I can now walk over two miles up and down muddy hills and hope for increasing improvement. I still need Sativex but only in a minor way. I used to require 30ml per week but now 10ml can last two weeks. I have more physical health and cognition to continue cannabis activism and a wealth of other things I was once too unwell to attempt. Onwards!