I consume cannabis to deal with chronic pain from arthritis and Ehlers-Danlos hypermobility. It also helps with the accompanying insomnia. I've suffered with pain issues for 10 years and previously took many prescription drugs which had dreadful side effects. In the end these drugs destroyed my ability to digest some foods and left me quite addicted.

When I began to take cannabis 3 years ago I weaned myself off many of these drugs and began to enjoy a much better quality of life. I got some independence and my sense of humour back. I am now able to work part time and I'm looking forward to a hopefully more independent future.

My digestive system is still very sensitive. This means I am unable to buy cannabis as it can be contaminated with pesticides and fertilisers which make me ill. So I grow my own. This is quite expensive and risky but definitely worth it as the effects are so great.

I grow varieties which have a good proportion of cannabidiol as I need the anti inflammatory and relaxing effects. The strains I choose are usually indicas as these are more helpful for sleep and I take my medicine at night.

I make up cannabutter using coconut oil and I take that before bed. If I get the dose right I can manage a good 6 hours of sleep and stay pain free most of the next day. If I need more pain relief in the evening I have a vapouriser to use as required.

Cannabis has quite literally given me my life back. I have gone from virtually permanently bedridden to being able to get out and about, socialise more normally and return to part time work.

If cannabis were to be legalised and various strains made available I would be very happy. As long as I could access a strain helpful to my individual needs and grown without harsh chemicals I would prefer to obtain it in a legal way. But ideally I would like it to be legal to grow my own cannabis so that I have complete control of what is used to fertilise and care for the plants as well as the exact amount I need being really available at home.