Vivienne was diagnosed with a mosaic plantar wart on her right heel in 2008. While plantar warts are a common affliction and are easily treated in many cases, Viv's growth was an unusual grouping of many warts in a space no bigger than a two pound coin. The pain and bleeding were constant and unbearable, keeping Viv up at night and preventing her from walking and leading a normal life. She tried every available treatment over three long years, but to no avail:

“I spent thousands on creams and plasters. I saw several different chiropodists, often at £90 a visit. I tried cryotherapy, and my GP even tried cutting the wart out himself. One foot specialist just told me to go home and pare it down. Obviously she did not understand how suicidal I became over the pain and being unable to sleep or walk, having to wash and dress my foot three times a day.”

Viv heard about cannabis oil from a friend and decided to give it a try. By this time she was relying on crutches full time to get around. After applying cannabis oil to the wart with a clean dressing once a day for three weeks, the growth gradually disappeared.

“It did get so bad at one point I wanted my foot taken off. Why are people being made to suffer when there is clear evidence that cannabis can help so many people in so many different ways?”

Viv is now back on her feet and eager to share the benefits of medical cannabis with others. She shared her story at the 17th July launch of United Patients Alliance at the Brighthelm Centre in Brighton and looks forward to campaigning for cannabis law reform.