Hi Good Afternoon, I'd like to submit evidence that cannabis works anonymously. i had to stop taking cannabis 13 months ago not that it had any side effects but because my employment restricts the use of cannabis based products in the work place and in our spare time . i work full time for a global pharmaceutical company and we have regular drug tests. for me cannabis helped in many different areas of my life. i started smoking cannabis from about the age of 15. im 30 now and it's never effected my work/life balance I've always been in employment. but after leaving the armed forces in 2011 i found myself in pain and regularly been unable to motivate my self. i started smoking cannabis because i was depressed and having constant anxiety attacks been outside and around large groups of people. to this day i still have anxiety attacks and migraines. when i was self medicating i was at ease of my surroundings and my self. all the weight had lifted off my shoulders and everything around me was so peaceful. my depression had completely disappeared and i felt a whole new person. i carried on smoking cannabis up in till 2018 when i moved jobs and part of the contract stipulated that we had be drug free. so i put my bills and my family before my health. over the last 13 months my anxiety is creeping back in and i can't even sit still at the traffic lights. my headaches and migraines are coming back with a vengeance. for a period of time i was free from pain and looked forward to life without a care in the world. for me I've blessed for when i have a day where my headaches have gone but the majority of the time i worry when my next one will be.