I am a 57 year old woman and I have consumed cannabis for approximately 34 years. My consumption began as recreational in my early 20's, when I smoked hash in a spliff. In those days I smoked tobacco, approximately 20/day, but when I started smoking hash the amount of cigarettes I smoked reduced considerably, and soon I only smoked spliffs, albeit, with tobacco.

This continued for many years until I ceased smoking altogether in 2008. I did not smoke for several months, and in this time I noticed that I had considerable health problems.

I have 5 degenerated discs in my neck as a result of a motor accident aged 5. This causes a great deal of pain and restricted movement due to severe osteo arthritis and inflammation, and causes impingements on the nerves of the spine.

I suffer severe migraines, RLS, Primary Raynauds, hypertension, oesteoporosis and sometimes depression. I also suffer from panic attacks occasionally.

During the period of not smoking, I was prescribed many drugs, including Diazepam 5 (RLS), Immigram nasal spray (migraine), fluoxetine (raynauds/depression), Tramadol (head and neck ache), Buccastem (vomiting), Lansoprazole (stomach liner), dihyrocodiene (head) amlodipine (BP), Ibubrofen, Naproxen (inflamation/pain), Losartan (?) dosulepin (?), Pizotefen (?), Amitriptyline and more!

This is when I first suspected that cannabis had medicinal properties that had consistently, but unknowingly, helped me throughout my every day (recreational) use. I began to smoke cannabis again in 2009, this time without tobacco, and in its herbal form. As a result, I was able to cease taking all of the prescribed drugs, bar none! I have been a smoker of cannabis and hemp leaf ever since, and it truly mangages my pain, stiffness, inflammation and all the spasms and discomfort of RLS.

Approximately 6 months ago I started taking 1:1 cannabis oil sublingually every morning to eradicate the morning headache I always wake up with. It is the only thing that works. For the past month I have been doing an investigation about having no cannabis and I have had to take several tablets daily again. At the end of November, when my investigation ends, I shall be vapourising herbal cannabis instead of smoking, to alieviate my medical condition without risk of serious side effect and to aid wellbeing in general.

Cannabis gives me a better life and makes me a better person. I believe I shall take cannabis for the rest of my life, as without it, the quality of my life is impaired. Without cannabis my life is reduced, and I have to take medicines that can have very serious side effects, just to function. Cannabis causes no adverse side effects for me. I am the mother of two and a grandmother. Jannette