Imagine if you had to live in pain both Physically and Psychologically for years on end... Well I did! Imagine that one day, you found a completely natural medicine, one which is good for you and that gave you your life back; and showed you that happiness could once again be achieved... Well I did! Now just imagine that everyday in which you consume this beautiful medicine, you risk losing your freedom and not only that but a life which is 95% pain free... Well I do! And for years it stung like a war wound and is now only just starting to heal. I alike thousands of other's in the United Kingdom, have had to live are live's in this way for now over 50 years; but the scientific data we now have is going to push the inevitable end to our pain."
Hi there, my name is Lewis. And from my statement above, I believe you will be able to gather; that I'm both a Medicinal Cannabis consumer/patient and advocate. I consume small amounts of Herbal Cannabis on a daily basis, in order to aid with both Physical Pain and Psychological Trauma. I first started to consume Cannabis a few years back; at a point in time when I was not in a great place in life due to my illnesses. For a large part of my teen years up until around 2015, I was largely house bound. Pain both physically and mentally, as well as suffering from severe depression made life unbearable. And after years of suffering, and feeling alone, in every waking moment of life I became suicidal. And this continued for some years, I felt like the doctors were not helping at all, I gained no third party support; and I was a carer for my parent with Bipolar, which was all very challenging emotionally. And all in all life was very negative and painful; up until the first time I consumed Medicinal Cannabis. It allowed me to put my mind at rest for the first time in a decade, it alleviated my pain by up to 95%, it made me feel a sense of happiness I had forgot ever existed and finally it made me feel secure and safe; a feeling and presence I had been forever longing for. Following this, I continued to consume Cannabis as a medicine, in order to alleviate both my Physical and Psychological pain. And slowly but surely it worked! And here I am now. An individual who can now live life 95% pain free, and in an extremely positive way at that! I never thought I would get to where I am now and I owe a major thank you to Cannabis for that! I alike many others who consume Cannabis Medicinally on a daily basis; in order to live our live's. And not be held down by our illnesses, still continue to be prosecuted against and our lives practically destroyed, due to unjust and disgraceful laws; which deem us Criminals for the use of our Medicine. And this has to come to an end, now!

Thank you for reading, I hope that my story; both helps push forward legalisation of Medicinal Cannabis, and helps other's to not feel alone and be able to relate to someone. I hope to see and meet you all at upcoming events.

Many thanks,

Lewis R.C Barnes.