Jezza Austin - Cannabis

Would you tell me that you loved me

If I said that I love you

Would you promise to stand by me

If I said my heart was true


Would you give me that warm feeling

When it's dark and cold outside

Will you promise to always lift me

When my poor old bones have died


Cannabis, cannabis my god I truly love you so

You used to be recreational...But now that is no more

You bring me life,

you bring me love,

You bring me hope I can go on

I may not be an athlete, but I feel like I belong.


They say that you are evil it will lead to harder things

But that was reefer madness! I know what you bring

Like walking with less pain, And my fits they ain't so bad

My life's screwed up but that’s ok! because I don’t feel sad


I feel stoned

I feel alive

I feel content at last

I feel hope

I feel peace

I feel I've past the test


So come on life come what may

I am here and I am strong

As long as you come with Cannabis

We will get along....

Jezza Austin - Dec 2017