A Christmas present I made for some friends who were getting shit about what they had been doing with cannabis.
This is what I have been doing in my time off work with work related and life stress.

I’ve had discussions with PSNI, Ombudsman, GP, Mental Health Services, my work and anyone else who would listen about psychedelic therapy hence the colours in my picture!

When you have been off work with work related stress, depression and anxiety for ages you remember how therapeutic art can be and how being mindful can really help you focus and distract you from depressing thoughts and your stressful situation. 

l currently use a CBD vape which helps when my currently stressful life prevents me from sleeping or I wake up all itchy. I have also used various CBD tinctures which I found were very good for headaches and for relaxing my body which was frequently tensed up and sore due to stress. I preferred using them as they were more natural than the Amitryptline tablets that my doctor prescribed for fibromyalgia type symptoms. These products should be on prescription from your GP as there is no way everyone can afford to buy them.

Hopefully the excellent work that the UPA and all the other cannabis pressure/activist groups are doing will make this possible.