Quintessential Tips Review 2021

With all the rage about the positive effects of CBD oil on our overall health and wellness, more and more people have turned towards these products in recent years. Many brands have been set up in the UK that sell a range of CBD products, which makes it difficult for customers to decide on the right one.

Quintessential Tips is among the leading CBD brands in the UK, offering a wide range of CBD products to customers worldwide. They are one of the oldest family-run hemp and cannabis-based businesses in the UK and boast of offering only the best products to their customers.

Unsure whether Quintessential Tips is the right place to get your CBD products? This article reviews the brand to make it easier for you to decide whether it’s worth trying out.

In this Quintessential Tips review, we will look at the brand and the different CBD products you can purchase from them. We will also check out their quality of service through customer reviews and ratings.

About The Brand

A family-owned business active in the UK since the 1980s, Quintessential Tips boasts of decades of experience in the hemp and cannabis industry. Apart from their own brand products, they offer a wide range of CBD products on their website from several top brands worldwide.

The brand aims to make it easy for customers looking for products related to the hemp and cannabis industry by providing them with a one-stop store where they can get the right product for their needs. This is especially relevant due to a large number of sub-standard CBD products available in the market. Quintessential Tips offers high-quality products you can purchase from their website or the physical store located in Cornwall.

The website describes the brand as the best CBD retailer in the UK, offering products at the best prices in the market. They offer free delivery across the UK, although you would have to have a minimum purchase value of £10 to qualify for the same.


Brand Offerings

The Quintessential Tips online store offers a specially curated collection of CBD products from some of the most popular brands of this industry from around the world. The featured brands include Biobloom, Cannabigold, Loveburgh, CBD Brothers, Endoca, etc., several of which are among the well-known CBD brands in the UK.

Customers have a wide choice of products, ranging from CBD oils, CBD teas, CBD edibles, CBD pastes, as well as CBD E-liquids for vaping. Additionally, you also get CBD skincare products such as bath bombs, sprays, creams, balms, and dermal patches, to name a few. 

The website is easy to navigate, and customers can find products from their preferred brands easily. They also list cannabis seeds for sale for people interested in collecting them.

Moving on to the brand’s own products, the most notable is the Quintessential Tips CBD oil. This is a full-spectrum CBD oil extracted through a careful CO2 hemp extraction process using specialized equipment. In addition to CBD, the oil also contains several other naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenoids.

The Quintessential Everyday Golden Full Spectrum CBD Oil is available in three strength variants – everyday (5%), boost (10%), and full power (15%).

This is the first CBD supplement by the brand, which was only associated with stocking quality products from top CBD brands earlier. Being part of the industry for years, they have taken huge efforts to maintain the quality of their oils by using only gold-level hemp extracts for their products, making them one of the few brands worldwide to do so.

The manufacturing process is free from the use of solvents and thermal distillation,  which can degrade the quality of the oils. Only pesticide-free hemp grown in an environment-friendly way is used for procuring CBD extracts.

A unique feature of the product is its packaging. Quintessential Tips is among the first brands to use fully sustainable packaging made from 100% pure hemp paper. 

Other than this, the brand also produces a variety of smoking roach tips, filters, and tobacco tins, which you can find in the Own Brand Products section of their website.

And the best part is that the website lists certain products for sale, so you can get a quality product within your budget without requiring a Quintessential Tips discount code. But it is to be noted that the products in this section either have damaged outer packaging (the product itself will be fine) or are nearing their expiry date. The description mentions all these details, so you know what you are getting before making the purchase. 


Social Media Sentiment 

We checked the Quintessential Tips reviews on the Trustpilot platform to gather public opinion on the brand and its products, and we were rather impressed with the results. With a rating of 4.9 out of 5, the brand seems to offer what they claim to do on their website.

The brand has a total of 1493 ratings on Trustpilot, of which more than 94% had a positive experience with their products and services.

Most reviews laud their brilliant service and quick delivery time, which shows that they take customer satisfaction seriously. We also observed that most of the customers were pleased with the great variety of products on the website, as well as their quality.


We hope you will find this Quintessential Tips review useful in case you want to try out some quality CBD products to boost your overall health.

They have products catering to different types of consumers. The online store is great for checking out the available products by several top CBD brands in the UK; you can compare and choose between products of different brands before purchasing. Their own CBD oil is a great choice too, as per the customer reviews.

In general, their rating and reviews prove that they are doing a good job and are worth checking out!