Seedsman Review 2021

Ever since the legalization of cannabis, it has been available to the public in various forms for medical purposes. Medical marijuana is a booming industry and there are numerous players involved in the game. With so many options in the market, especially in the online market, it can get quite difficult to choose the best cannabis seeds. So how do we figure out what’s the best seed bank for you? For starters, you can go through our review of Seedsman cannabis seeds

Seedsman is one of the leading cannabis seed banks in the market today and they’ve earned their spot among the top-rated seed banks. They are known for their high-quality seeds that are available in many strain types. 

This Seedsman review will give you a clearer idea about Seedsman cannabis seeds and their various strains like Seedsman blueberry. You will also get to know more about the products they sell and their history. Keep reading for more.

About The Brand

Primarily based in Spain, Seedsman has offices in Barcelona and the United Kingdom. It was started in the year 2003 and continues to function as an online seed bank. Almost two decades of experience in the cannabis industry has turned them into a popular name among the consumers of cannabis seeds, mostly because of the high quality of their products. 

Seedsman was initially started as a unitary platform where good quality seeds and strains from various breeders and seed-banks would be available to the masses. With time and dedication, their markets grew significantly. Subsequently, they partnered up with expert breeders to create their own diverse seed bank, which today owns over 1500 types of seed strains. This massive diversity of strains provides consumers with a wide variety of options to choose from, which makes Seedsman cannabis seeds a much sought-after seed bank. 

Seedsman has been a vocal supporter of the pro-cannabis legislation. In fact, they donate a significant percentage of their profits to educate people regarding the uses of medical marijuana and have pledged their support to legalize the same. In their bid to normalize weed use, they support many organisations, trade shows, charities and conferences that promote the use of marijuana. Another reason why they advocate pro-cannabis legislation is to provide breeders with newer and better strains to develop since the scope of production will increase. 


Brand Offerings 

Seedsman cannabis seeds are collected from over 65 seed banks and 80 breeders. They have their own line of seeds as well, which gives the consumer a wider range to choose from. Some of the best breeders to look out for on their website would be Barney’s Farm Seeds, 710 Genetics, Big Buddha Seeds, Dutch Passion Seed Company, and White Label Seed Company. 

Seedsman seed bank hosts over 1500 different strains of cannabis seeds, which positions them among the top tier of cannabis seed banks. The seeds can be purchased according to the different categories you’re looking for, which includes genetics, flowering type, cultivation requirement, strain type, and award-winning strains. There is a very convenient filtering process when it comes to strains, which allows you to pick the best seed as per your criteria. For example, there is a wide range of seed types available even under the Seedsman blueberry category of strains. If you love to be spoilt for choice, this is perfect for you. 

The selection criteria are further advanced with features like the height of the cannabis plant and the percentage of THC to make selection easier for you. The website also makes things easier by categorizing the seeds according to the medical condition they help with. It helps you to easily access seeds that facilitate mitigating ailments like cancer, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, insomnia, depression, anxiety and inflammation. 

One of the key features of Seedsman is that it allows payment via Bitcoin, which makes payments easier, faster, and safer. Customers who make their payments using Bitcoin can avail themselves of up to an impressive 20 per cent discount on their order. Seedsman also gives you some freebies with your order, so don’t miss out on these exciting deals. 

Their shipping charges might be a tad higher but Seedsman ensures that their tight packaging keeps the product protected. The packaging is also layered so that no damage occurs while the delivery is in transit. Thus, Seedsman ensures that you get the best experience all the way through- from choosing your options to when the product arrives at your doorstep. 


Social Media Sentiment 

Seedsman seed bank is the recipient of over 40 cannabis cups and many other awards, which makes it a trustworthy choice. Based on over 10,000 reviews, Seedsman has an impressive rating of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot. Most of the reviews are positive, especially regarding their wide range of options and the ordered categorization of strains on their website. 

The Seedsman website has listed out the customer reviews under each strain of Seedsman cannabis seeds, which makes it easier for you to make your choice. This also makes them more reliable and honest, as you will find a few negative reviews in the list as well. 

Consumers in their Seedsman review have also lauded the company’s customer support. They have loyalty programs for their customers, allowing them to earn loyalty points and referral options. Seedsman also gives extra loyalty points on customer birthdays. Reimbursement also takes place through these loyalty points instead of having to cancel the order on the rare occasion that you receive damaged seeds. 


To sum up, Seedsman is definitely one of the leading cannabis seed banks and comes with a lot of exciting features. They are extremely customer-friendly and make the process of purchasing as convenient as possible for you. They ship globally and allow payment through Bitcoin as well. As they actively support pro-marijuana legislation, we know their heart lies in their business. Moreover, they are also trustworthy, as the Seedsman reviews show.