Simply CBD Review 2021

Simply CBD is one of the highly popular brands in the UK when it comes to CBD products. What sets them apart from all other companies is their love for dogs! Yes, you read that right! Their profits go towards providing support to rescued dogs.

But that is not of much use if they cannot live up to their products’ expectations. And this review aims to find out just that! In this Simply CBD review, we will be looking at the brand, its products, and customer reviews and ratings to ascertain whether they are worth the hype. Let’s take a look!

About The Brand

A UK-based CBD brand founded by dog lovers, Simply CBD aims to provide customers with a range of cheap yet high-quality CBD products. As per their official website, they believe that customers should be supplied with high-grade products at low prices instead of low-grade ones at higher rates.

They believe in being fully transparent to the customers about their products’ contents and claim to provide CBD products at the lowest price in the UK. They are also members of the Cannabis Trades Association of the UK.

The brand provides a wide range of CBD products, all of which they claim to be lab-tested and certified for quality. They source their cannabis from licensed Dutch farms where they are grown organically. 

All their oils are full-spectrum and are extracted through a CO2 extraction process that retains an array of beneficial cannabinoids, including CBD.

They also support their claims through lab resorts available on the website. Nevertheless, we also noticed that not all their items have their respective lab reports on the product page, although several do.

But there is something else that makes this brand different. The founders of the brand also have founded a charity to rescue dogs known as the K9 Rescue Charity. The profits of their CBD business support this charity aimed towards the welfare and treatment of unwanted or abandoned dogs. Also, willing customers can donate directly to the charity through a link available on the product page.


Brand Offerings

The brand offers a wide range of products, which is sure to cater to the interests of different customers. Their products include CBD oils, CBD edibles, CBD vapes, CBD capsules, and CBD balms.

CBD Oils

The Simply CBD oils can be broadly divided into regular and water-soluble products. You can get the oils in low, medium, and high strength variants.

The water-soluble CBD is full-spectrum products, which are created for easy absorption into the bloodstream. It is unflavoured and suitable for use in a nebulizer for inhalation. These are available in low (3.2%) and medium (4.4%) strengths.

The full-spectrum regular oils are available in a variety of strengths. One gets a lot of options to choose from – in terms of the concentration, the type of base used, and the flavors.

For example, the Simply CBD Gold oil blends full-spectrum CBD with turmeric and black pepper, which has additional benefits for the body. The Simply CBD Blue, Red, and Purple oils are available in 3 flavors (natural, lemon, and mint) to suit the tastes of the customers.

A CBD oil completely free from all traces of THC is also on offer. Unlike the other oils, this is not full or broad-spectrum, as it is made with CBD isolate. Blended in a base of coconut oil, you can get the Simply CBD Pure oil in four strength variants depending on your needs.

CBD Edibles

For all interested in the beneficial effects of CBD yet skeptical about the taste, the CBD Gummies by the brand is a must-try product. Each pack contains a total of 20 gummy candies, each with around 10 mg of CBD extracts.

These sugar-coated gummies are available in mixed fruit flavors and are perfectly suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

CBD Vapes

Simply CBD’s CBD/CBG Vape Oil E-Liquid is available in a low strength (2%), making it ideal for regular users and beginners alike. It consists of a mixture of CBD and CBG in an 80-20 ratio and claims to be free from all THC traces as well.

You can get the Simply CBD Vape Oil E-liquid in 3 flavor options – Minty Menthol, Tutti Frutti, and Cherry Licious.

CBD Capsules

The brand’s CBD capsules are made with a delayed-release formula, which allows the capsule to bypass the stomach acid before it dissolves.

Each bottle contains 30 vegan capsules. You can choose from two strength variants- 6.5 mg/capsule and 15 mg/capsule.

CBD Balms

The skincare range of the brand consists of a single product- a Lavender and Cocoa Butter CBD Balm. The product claims to be gentle and easily absorbed into the skin. It contains 300 mg of CBD extract.


Social Media Sentiment

Trustpilot is our preferred platform when it comes to determining customer satisfaction regarding a brand. We decided to check out the Simply CBD reviews in the UK and were rather impressed with the results. 

They have a rating of 4.5 out of 5, which can be considered excellent. They have a total of 68 reviews currently on the Trustpilot platform, and customers seem primarily happy with their varied products and prices.

Around 75% of the Simply CBD reviews are positive. The few negative reviews that they have are mostly related to customer support or delivery and not to the product itself.


We hope that our Simply CBD review was of help if you had been thinking of trying out the products of this brand. Overall they seem to be on the right track, although a little more focus on customer service and satisfaction can be expected.

We approve of each of their products mentioning the exact amount of CBD it contains, making it easier for the customer to decide whether they want it. 

As far as our opinion goes, we would like to believe that the company does deliver what they claim to, at least in terms of transparency and pricing. And their charity work for dogs gives them some bonus points too.