Synerva CBD Oil Review 2021

Ever since marijuana was legalized in the UK a few years ago, the CBD market has picked up the pace. Today, it is among the most lucrative industries on the island, all thanks to the effective healing properties possessed by cannabidiol. In fact, studies have established that the UK provides the second-largest CBD market in the world, standing behind only the US. 

While many brands out there sell various CBD products, Synerva CBD Oil is one brand we found standing out from the crowd. They promise a wide range of CBD products that suit your daily CBD needs and offer good quality CBD. 

Despite a significant number of people spreading misinformation regarding cannabidiol products as being harmful to our health, Synerva has managed to remain a popular player in the CBD market. If you’re wondering why keep reading our Synerva CBD Oil review

About The Brand 

While there isn’t much information about the founders of the brand, we know that Synerva was founded in 2017 and has been growing as a profitable brand since. They function on the core belief that everybody needs to access high-quality cannabidiol products and firmly believe that CBD can revolutionize our lifestyle. 

We found that their products are made of full-spectrum CBD; that is, they use the complete hemp plant. This means that users can avail all the benefits of the hemp plant. Keeping this in mind, Synerva is confident that they have found the highest-grade hemp extract in the world, which is free of THC and pesticides. They obtain their raw materials from vertically integrated hemp farms based in the US. 

Interestingly, Synerva uses an effective proprietary extraction method that allows them to extract high levels of Phytocannabinoids. Phytocannabinoids are chemicals found in the hemp plant that are very useful in treating smoking addiction, anxiety, insomnia, epilepsy, etc. This extraction technique also eliminates unwanted THCs and chlorophyll from the hemp extract, thereby giving you the best results. All their products are put through thorough on-site laboratory testing to ensure good quality. The lab test results are readily available to the consumers, thereby maintaining transparency. 

Synerva CBD has an attractive website that is easy to navigate and access. They also have a blog that contains articles regarding CBD, ranging from topics like exercise and anxiety to everyday wellness and menopause. 

Synerva also sells White Label CBD products. These CBD products are sold in bulk on a wholesale basis, which one can resell in the market. This is an excellent opportunity for nascent retail businesses, independent entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals to make maximum use of the growing CBD market. 


Brand Offerings

Synerva keeps its promise of selling a wide range of affordable CBD products. One of their plus factors is that these items are available at affordable prices. Their products include CBD oils, capsules, balms, edibles, topicals and vape juice. Let’s take a closer look at these. 

1. CBD Oil Drops

These oil drops work as great pain relievers as they provide instant relaxation to your muscles and joints. They also work long-term to treat anxiety-related illnesses like hypertension and insomnia. 

Synerva sells two different types of oils– the regular CBD oil and the peppermint CBD oil– available in 10 mL bottles. One of the best things about Synerva CBD Oil drops is that you can get them in multiple doses– 500 mg, 800 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, 2000 mg, 2500 mg, and 4000 mg. You can use whichever concentration suits you depending on your health care needs. 

The best way to consume Synerva CBD oil drops would be to put a few drops under your tongue, allowing your body to absorb it into your system slowly. You can also add it to your food before eating. 

2. CBD Capsules 

Quick and easy to consume, CBD oil capsules are a fantastic way to start your day on a healthy note. They are excellent sources of various nutrients and effectively boost your immunity if you consume them regularly. 

Synerva CBD oil capsules are available in two different sizes– 30 capsules per jar and 60 capsules per jar. The jars are compact and have tight lids, so you can just toss them inside your bag and carry them around anywhere. Synerva recommends that you take two capsules a day for best results. 

3. Topicals

Synerva manufactures CBD topicals that are available in the form of Muscle and Joint Relief Creams, Oil Balms, and Massage Oils. These are excellent alternatives for those who do not wish to ingest CBD into their bodies. 

Each oil balm comes in a 50 mL jar that contains a total concentration of 300 mg of CBD. The body balm is an effective way to nourish your skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling great. 

The massage oils are available in three different options– muscle recovery oil, relaxing oil, and reviving oil with one 100mL bottle of massage oil consisting of 300mg CBD. Each of these target different requirements of your skin and provide you with a therapeutic experience. 


Social Media Sentiments 

Based on around 245 reviews, Trustpilot rates Synerva CBD at 4.7 out of 5 stars. Many users have given positive feedback regarding the quality of the product and their customer service. However, we did find some responses that said the CBD oil’s dropper turned out to be faulty and leaked a lot of oil. Some people also mentioned that it tasted bad, although this could be subjective. 

Users on Reddit have also praised Synerva CBD for its relaxing qualities and opined that it helped them relieve stress and made them feel good. Synerva is quite active on Instagram and Facebook, updating their feeds with regular posts for their customer base. 


In this Synerva CBD Oil review, we covered details about the brand and its multiple products. We found that Synerva offers pragmatic solutions to numerous physical as well as psychological ailments. We also liked that their products are available in different formats, thereby giving more options to the consumer. 

In conclusion, we’d like to say that Synerva CBD is a popular and reliable choice if you’re looking for good quality CBD oil, and we totally recommend that you use it.