Everybody below is suffering. All of us consume cannabis to treat our illness(es) and improve our quality of lives.

Although exhausting, we're full of passion for our cause. When our conditions allow us to, we work collaboratively to bring our United Patients Alliance vision to life.



Team Members

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Email: info@upalliance.org letting us know a bit about you what you can do and why you want to join our team:

United Patients Alliance Ltd are a Not For Profit organisation run by chronically ill patient volunteers. Our charity application is in progress. Unfortunately everything we do costs money as well as time.

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All funds raised through events/sales/donations are used to advance legal access to cannabis therapeutics in the UK.

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Important Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed by our Team Members (whether in person, via social media or on their profile pages) are those of the individual, and not necessarily those of the United Patients Alliance.