The Tonic Tribe CBD Review 2021

Whenever an industry expands, several stakeholders start coming up to cash in on the increasing demand. The same has happened with the CBD industry in the UK. Today, several brands are available for CBD products, some of which might not even be authentic but are still very popular.

In such competitive environments, marketing becomes crucial to establish a brand presence. In the CBD industry, The Tonic Tribe is one such company that has aced the marketing game. It started its operations quite recently but has steered past some of the oldest organizations in terms of sales and revenues. So, we decided to do a Tonic Tribe CBD review to see if their products are as good as they claim them to be. 

About The Company

The Tonic Tribe is a relatively new company in the CBD market that was founded in the year 2017 by Michelle Oxley and Kate Henderson. The story behind starting The Tonic Tribe is quite touching. Michelle Oxley’s brother suffered from Multiple Sclerosis. He lived with the disease for thirty-five years, and like with most other patients, no medication could help alleviate the pain that it caused. However, the only substance that brought relief to Michelle’s brother was cannabis. Realizing how important cannabis or CBD products are for such patients, she decided to start this company and establish a community of patients who could benefit from CBD. 

Later, she was joined by Kate Henderson. Kate had been a marketing professional for 20 years before she decided to join this venture. Together, both these women took Tonic Tribe to greater heights such that the brand is even endorsed by some celebrities now. Besides their excellent marketing, the company has also paid attention to the adherence to all safety protocols. In fact, it is a member of the Cannabis Trades Association, and besides the celebrity endorsements, the company is also endorsed by the CTA. 


Brand Offerings

1. Tonic Tribe CBD Oil

CBD oil bottles are the standard product of almost all CBD companies today. While some have moved on to produce various other products,  many only specialize in these oils. The Tonic Tribe gives you several options to choose from when it comes to CBD oils. Different flavors are available at their online store, and you can also choose the strength or concentration of the oil as per your preference. Customers can buy either 10 or 25 ml bottles of these oils. 

The bottles with 25% concentration come with droppers. Since they are stronger oils, it is recommended that users apply only a few drops to start with and gradually increase the number. The ones with 6% CBD extracts can be directly dissolved in water for consumption. Strengths of 3, 4, 8 are also available. Apart from offering flavored oils, there is also a CBG-enhanced variant that Tonic Tribe sells. A company rarely offers such high-quality oils containing Cannabigerol (CBG), a natural chemical that is commonly called the mother of all cannabis extracts. The mint flavour is also quite good. 

2. Skin, Muscle & Joint Care Products

Under its Skin, Muscle & Joint Care category, The Tonic Tribe offers many different products. From balms to skin patches, serum oils, and body creams, all these topical products are as popular as oil drops. The CBD Patches are quite effective in treating specific parts of the body where discomfort is felt. Simply place the patch over the skin, and in about 24-36 hours, the CBD component will penetrate through the skin and enter the superficial bloodstream. It then produces its therapeutic effects that are very effective in reducing itching, redness, etc. 

The CBD Coconut Body Balm is another product that we tried. Coconut and CBD extracts in a single balm are an amazing combination because both these substances are known to moisturize and nourish the skin very efficiently. So, the balm has great cosmetic benefits as it helps keep your skin glowing. You can apply as much balm as you want on your skin, as it is completely safe and contains organic ingredients only. The one shortcoming is that the concentration of CBD is quite low (1%). Thus, the clinical uses of this balm are very limited. 

The Tonic CBD Bath Bombs Pack is the best product in this category. Containing ingredients like Cinnamon, Orange, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Blackpepper, and CBD, it will certainly provide you with a relaxing experience while bathing. Simply put one or two bath bombs in a tub, and soak for about 30-40 minutes. As the ingredients seep through your skin, they will stimulate circulation, create a little warmth, and make you relax completely. Moreover, the cannabis extracts bind to CB1 and CB2 receptors to amplify these effects. 

3. The Tonic Tribe Tea

The Tonic Tribe also sells exclusive tea bag packages, which are unique indeed. The company claims that drinking tea made with these tea bags allows ten times faster absorption of CBD extracts inside the body. They are simple, water-soluble tea bags that come in different flavors like Cleansing Blossom, Fruit Explosion, Vibrant Lemon, and Black Mango. The best thing about these tea bags is that you can reuse them a few times. 


Social Media Sentiment

Social media is all praises for The Tonic Tribe. The primary reason for this is the impressive presence of the company on all major social media platforms. They keep running one or the other schemes or offers and advertise them very vocally on the internet. People also talk about the affordability factor of their products because besides having a lot of variety, they sell the products at much lower prices than their competitors. 

The only complaint that a section of the users usually has is that some of their most popular products do not have a strong concentration of CBD in them. Celebrities like Fearne Cotton and Professor Green and magazines like the GQ Magazine and The Telegraph have endorsed their CBD products and suggest that people buy and use them. 


The key takeaway from this Tonic Tribe CBD review is that it is certainly one of the best CBD brands in the UK today. They offer a lot of variety, and all their products are completely safe and pure. Moreover, offering such high-quality stuff at affordable rates makes them a popular choice among CBD users. Most of their products are meant for topical usage, and therefore, they are easy to use and can be self-administered. In all, we were quite impressed by their offerings, and so it’s a big thumbs-up for them from our side.