Thought Cloud Review 2021

CBD 9Cannabidiol) is one of the major cannabinoids (chemical compounds found in the Cannabis plant). Unlike THC, it is not psychoactive in nature and in contrast, helps in several health issues such as anxiety, pain and stress.

Thoughtcloud is one such brand that offers high-quality CBD products to customers. It manufactures a wide range of CBD products that you might not find on a single website.

Today, we will review all the product categories offered by Thoughtcloud and check their performance and authenticity. At the end of our Thoughtcloud CBD review, you’ll have all the information about the brand and the quality of its products.

About The Brand

Thoughtcloud is an emerging brand in the CBD industry that focuses on providing organic and sustainable plant medicine to users and enhancing their overall well-being. For that purpose, it uses organically grown hemp cultivated by sustainable methods in the US. 

All the Thoughtcloud products are thoroughly lab tested during manufacturing, and they offer the purest form of CBD. One interesting part about the brand’s offerings is that all the products are reiki, infused with positive energy and intend to benefit the body and the soul. 

Hence, the brand not just takes care of your physical health but also helps in improving the mental health.

Brand Offerings

Thoughtcloud sells countless different CBD products ranging from full-spectrum CBD to Pets CBD and clothing. Here is a detailed description of all types of products Thoughtcloud offers to its customers.

1. Full Spectrum CBD

Thoughtcloud offers full-spectrum CBD in the form of gummies, oils, balms, facial serums, facewash bars and bath bombs. Full-spectrum CBD includes small amounts of all compounds found in a cannabis plant, including THCs.

The flavoured CBD oil contains the medicinal properties of CBD along with antioxidants, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids. It has 25mg of CBD per serving and comes for specific medicinal uses such as inflammation, allergies or brain health.

Along with full-spectrum CBD oils, Thoughtcloud also produces CBD oils as its “Signature Series”. The series has three variants of oils: strong, stronger and strongest, which provides a low dosage of full-spectrum CBD. It is much safer for people with low weight or low height.

2. Isolate CBD

Thoughtcloud’s isolate CBD range offers CBD in the form of capsules, oil, vape oil, and face masks.

CBD capsules are an efficient alternative to consuming CBD as they are easy to intake. They take some time to digest and provide an exact amount of CBD, unlike oils that need to be consumed in the form of drops. 

If you enjoy having your daily dose of CBD through vaping, you can also go for its Isolate CBD Oil Vape Oil made with organic, non-toxic ingredients. If you don’t enjoy vape, you can add it to your food or beverages and still get all the benefits.

The face masks are available for two skin types, i.e., sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. They help in keeping your face hydrated and smooth.

3. Pets CBD

The brand offers CBD not just for you but for your pets too! Thus, you and your pet both can enjoy a healthy nutritional life.

Thoughtcloud offers Pets CBD in two forms, namely, Full-spectrum Cold-pressed Hemp Seed Oil and ThoughtCloud CBD Dog Treats – Full Spectrum Formula. Both of these supplements are super easy to intake and result in better health for your furry friends.

4. Pre-Rolled/Joints & Flower

If you prefer the conventional “flower, joint and rolling” formula for having CBD, then Thoughtcloud’s flavoured flowers and pre-rolled joints are a suitable alternative for you. They come as just flowers or flowers and joints options in several flavours and size variants.

5. CBD Vapes

Vapes are another highly efficient way of consuming your CBD dosage to get instant effects. 

Thoughtcloud offers flavoured vaping oils in the full spectrum as well as isolated variants. They don’t contain any harsh additives and are super easy to use. 

Besides that, you can also purchase Vaping accessories like Vaping Pen from the website.

6. Beauty & Topicals

CBD is also known for its skincare properties, and Thoughtcloud has products for your skin.

The brand offers Facial Serum, Charcoal Mask, Face Wash Bar, Face Mask and Bath Bombs in its CBD beauty products range. They are available in full-spectrum or isolated CBD variants in several attractive flavours.

In addition to that, there are all-purpose balms that contain CBD as well as CBG and allow you to target your problem areas. Its organic ingredients give instant relief from inflammation and muscle pain. 

7. CBD Shots

The brand offers shots or small 15ml drinks in two distinct flavours: Hangover Shot and Energy Shot.

As the name suggests, the Hangover shot is made to relieve you from the hangover after a whole night of drinking, and the energy shot boosts your energy levels. They contain CBD as well as several refreshing ingredients that uplift your spirits and refresh your mind.

8. Apparel

The last category of products offered by the brand is apparels. 

You can get attractive face masks, T-shirts or hoodies made from high-quality polyester or poly-cotton blend on the brand’s website.

Social Media Sentiment About Thought Cloud

To know more about the quality of the brand’s products, we checked its ratings and reviews on Trustpilot UK. It has scored a 4.7/5 rating which is described as “excellent” by the website. The brand has garnered lots of positive reviews for its top-notch products and fast delivery services.

Besides, the variety of products offered by the brand and excellent customer service has also acted as a bonus point.

Thus, we can say that the brand has been highly successful in satisfying the needs of its customers and providing genuine organic products to the buyers.


We hope that our Thoughtcloud CBD review has given you the desired insight into the brand’s products and services. And now, you’re all clear about purchasing CBD products from the website.

According to us, the most significant part about the brand is its inclusive approach. It offers you lots of alternatives for your better health and makes the intake of CBD quite convenient. If you don’t prefer one product category, you can go for another.

Besides that, the sustainable approach toward nature and our environment is also a feature that makes it highly recommendable.