Uncle Herb Review 2021

With a fast-growing CBD market, several brands aim to formulate the best, user-friendly CBD product there is. One such brand is Uncle Herb. With their emerging product range, this particular brand has changed the CBD game.

This Uncle Herb review provides you with a wholesome guide about the brand, who they are, and what differentiates them from other competitors in the CBD market.

Apart from giving you everything under one roof regarding the best CBD products, we have collected the reactions and responses from the existing customers of the brand. This way, we can truly decipher whether or not the brand meets our expectations as one of the top CBD brands in the UK. 

About The Brand

In its basic sense, Uncle Herb is one of the UK’s top online hemp flower stores ever since it began in 2018.

As a business based in Kent, United Kingdom, the brand has truly built an immense following due to its distinct CBD flower range.

The overall motto of the brand is to provide individuals with the best CBD flowers and CBD flower-based products.

One of the unique features of the brand is its exceptional quality and dedication. Every product is crafted from the finest of materials. According to the company’s owners, all of their raw hemp flowers are derived from processed European hemp strains.

Furthermore, these strains are developed primarily for horticulture within the EEA, i.e., European Economic Area.

Even though there is much information available on the company’s website, it is evident that the brand aims to elevate CBD to a whole new level.


Product Range Of The Brand

As mentioned above, the brand has a distinct product range that keeps attracting its customers repeatedly.

One of the advantages of using Uncle Herb CBD products is that they are packed with lots of information about the products. This way, you can understand the product in a better way. Some of the information included in the product is what type of cannabinoids are found in it.

Let us take a closer look at some of the bestsellers by the brand to understand them better.

1. CBD Distillate 52% Jar 1 G

The first product on its list of accolades is its renowned CBD Distillate. In the vast field of CBD, a CBD Distillate is a refined and purified form of hemp flower CBD extract.

These tend to contain small proportions of other cannabinoids such as THC, despite their primary composition being mainly CBD.

The Uncle Herb CBD distillate is a concentrated extract that is suitable for exclusive vape tanks and pens.

The best part about this particular product is that you can use it to formulate and create your products.

However, it should be noted that this particular product is not designed to administer the THC aspect to individuals. The ingredient is only a remnant from the manufacturing process and is present in legal and non-psychoactive amounts.

2. CBD Distillate Vape Cartridge With Cannabis Derived Terpenes Bruce Banner X Stardawg

Another feather in the cap for the brand is its CBD Distillate vape cartridge. By employing an effective C-cell concentrate, this cartridge is built to give you the best experience of distillate vape pens.

The unique feature about this particular vape cartridge is that it uses the Bruce Banner X Stardawg terpenes. With the inclusion of these terpenes, the cartridge has a genuine Bruce Banner aroma to it.

Additionally, the cartridge is available in two flavors to consumers, i.e., natural unflavored or terpene infused. As per their tastes and preferences, an individual can select the cartridge accordingly.  

3. CBD Distillate Vape Cartridge With Cannabis Derived Terpenes Peanut Butter Breath

The Uncle Herb collection is not complete without its CBD Distillate vape cartridge with cannabis-derived terpenes peanut butter breath.

The unique feature of this product is its nutty aroma. As it includes exclusive peanut butter breath terpenes, the overall cartridge has an earthy taste to it.

4. Uncle Herb CBD Pineapple Express

Another bestseller by the brand is its CBD Pineapple Express. In short, this is a strain of CBD that is infused with sweet notes of pineapple, mango, grapes, and apple.

The best part about this particular hemp flower is that it is highly beneficial medically, as it tackles a wide range of problems such as mental health concerns, pains, as well as aches.

5. CBD Distillate Crumble Super Lemon

If vape pens are not your cup of tea, Uncle Herb CBD has created a product for you. It is its famous distillate crumble available in lemon flavor. In its basic form, a CBD crumble is a concentrated, waxy concentrated extract that is high in CBD nutrients.

The best part about using this particular crumble is that you can use it in other methods, such as mixing it with CBD topicals or eating.

6. CBD Live Resin

Last but not least, the Uncle Herb CBD Live Resin is yet another remarkable product by the brand. Live resins, in brief, are a stronger, effective version of the distillate.

One of the advantages of using a CBD live resin is that it has a better flavor. As it is dried and cured, the overall flavor of the product is much stronger than typical CBD.


Social Media Sentiment

To understand how people feel and perceive this particular brand, we have analyzed various responses about Uncle Herb UK on the Trustpilot platform.

According to this handle, many individuals love the quality of the products. All the products are safe to use and of premium quality.

Plus, the best part about the brand is that they respect an individual’s time and often try to meet delivery standards.  


From the above discussion, it is evident that this particular brand has received great feedback, as it delivers in terms of product performance and quality.

If you are looking for a versatile brand with something in it for everyone, then you should definitely check out this brand.