We work collaboratively to bring our United Patients Alliance vision to life.


Pain is the truth of art. Art is not a hobby or a pastime. It is the result of an internal battle royal, one between the quest for safety and the desire to matter.

Seth Godin


United Patients Alliance are always looking at ways to give back to the community and get people involved.

We're also big on showing the world that Cannabis consumers are productive, multifaceted and creative human beings.

So...We would like to invite you to share your passion and creativity with us. Email us over some of your artwork, a link to your music page or blog and a short description of yourself and your art and your connection with Cannabis and we will stick it up on our new page! 

Hopefully this will soon become a collaborative collage of creativity showing off what Cannabis Patients do with their downtime. 

If you have created something you would like to put on our Patient Artist page - tell us here: info@upalliance.org

Poetry and Art

Music and Comedy 


United Patients Alliance Ltd are a Not For Profit organisation run by chronically ill patient volunteers. Our charity application is in progress. Unfortunately everything we do costs money as well as time.

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All funds raised through events/sales/donations are used to advance legal access to cannabis therapeutics in the UK.

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Important Disclaimer: Any opinions expressed by artists on this page are those of the individual, and not necessarily those of the United Patients Alliance.