VSAVI CBD Review 2021

Within a short span, VSAVI CBD has developed a good reputation for itself. People have been talking a lot about their CBD products off-late, the reason why we decided to review their products in this article today. 

While their vape pens and oils attract all the attention, we noticed that the company produces several other exclusive products. Hence, in this VSAVI CBD review, we shall provide an overview of all the products coming from the house of VSAVI CBD and see how well they perform on different parameters. Follow along! 

Who Are They? 

Even though the buzz around their products has only increased during the last couple of years, VSAVI CBD is a fairly old producer of CBD items that started operations back in 2015. They mainly deal with CBD vape products and have emerged as top-quality sellers in this domain. The company has also played a pivotal role in creating awareness about the benefits of cannabis-based products in treating certain medical conditions. 

In 2016, when the UK government gave the nod to the public use of CBD products in a limited capacity, VSAVI was at the foreground of the events that led to this development. Ever since, the CBD market in the UK has grown from strength to strength, and the business operations of VSAVI also took off from that time onwards. 


Brand Offerings

1. VSAVI Vape Pens

VSAVI vape pens are a hot favourite among consumers. They sell elaborate vape pen kits along with several kinds of accessories. The company claims that all its vape pens were developed to bring easy-to-use CBD vape kits to the market. VSAVI CBD vape pens are usually very lightweight and portable. 

The vaporiser used in their vape pens run at peak power outputs of about 4.2 volts. Compared to the power outputs of other popular vape pens in the market, which usually peak at 3.7 volts, these pens are more powerful. Besides producing ample CBD vapour, the pens are compatible with a variety of e-liquids too. 

Each unit of the VSAVI CBD vape kit contains a powerful 4.2 volt CBD pen battery, a refill tank, and an express USB charger that supports fast charging. Some features differ with different vape pen models. Overall, the vape pens manufactured by VSAVI are pretty versatile, and if you are looking for a microscale electronic cigarette device, you should surely consider these pens. 

2. VSAVI CBD Vape Oils

The e-liquids that are commonly available for vaping come in the form of oil drops. However, using these CBD drops is slightly difficult for some users. While others feel that the drops do not provide the kind of high they are looking for. VSAVI came up with CBD Vape Oils that are one of the best vape-friendly oils available today. The oils do not have any contaminants, and their purity ensures a better vaping experience. 

The vape oils produced by VSAVI have become a rage among users, so much so that the company is better known for its vape oils now than for its vape pen kits. Buyers get several options to choose from. Flavoured CBD e-liquid, full-spectrum VSAVI CBD vape oil, CBD e-liquid with terpenes are some of the most popular variants. 

Apart from providing different flavours, VSAVI also gives variety in terms of the vape oil’s strength. Varying between 50 mg and 1000 mg, consumers can choose between different chemical strengths as per their tolerance. In all, the range offered by VSAVI in the vape oil domain is impressive. However, one needs to try different variants before finding their perfect mix. 

3. CBD Oils

Besides their excellent psychoactive properties, the therapeutic benefits of CBD oils are creating more interest among users than ever before. However, the consumption of these oils needs to be judicious and controlled. Thus, the brand that you choose must offer a wide range of chemical strengths. VSAVI scores well on this parameter as it offers CBD oils with strengths ranging from 300 mg to 1500 mg. 

Rigorous CO2 extraction and batch testing for quality assurance ensure that the oils are pure, natural, and do not contain any artificial additives to enhance the flavours. VSAVI follows legal norms regarding the THC levels, and therefore, no variant contains more than 0.1% THC. 

Again, just like the vape pens, finding the perfect VSAVI oil is based on personal preferences. Usually, people prefer starting low and then increase the strength to explore the effects of these oils. In general, a large number of regular CBD consumers in the UK fancy mid-range oils from VSAVI. 

4. E-Liquids

The best thing about e-cigarettes is that, along with regular smoke, you even get to enjoy your favourite flavours, all thanks to e-liquids. There has been a lot of discussion about the product safety and regulation of these flavoured liquids meant for e-cigs. 

Only a few e-liquid brands present in the UK today follow the norms laid down by the government and the European Union. Even though VSAVI sells the regular e-liquid flavours, which you may easily find anywhere else, their adherence to safety standards is undoubtedly a reason big enough to choose their products. 

Besides the safety standards, the taste and richness of these liquids’ flavours are also quite good. To prepare the liquids, pharmaceutical-grade nicotine is mixed with natural flavours. The most popular flavours currently include classic Virginia, coffee cream, cherry, apple, Arctic Menthol, vanilla, and a few others. 


Social Media Sentiment

While almost all their major products are pretty impressive, the company has an inferior online presence. Their Facebook page is almost inactive, and other social media handles are not very engaging either. Reviews on platforms like Trustpilot and Reddit were quite positive for their products. 

People acknowledged and praised the quality of their CBD oils in particular. Users were also generous enough to applaud customer representatives for their efficient service. However, almost all users pointed out the lack of convincing and effective marketing for these products. Many of them felt that the CBD products offered by VSAVI are very costly. 


So, the final verdict is that VASAVI is undoubtedly a top-tier brand when it comes to CBD products. There are only a few others that can match the quality of their items. Although, many users regularly express dissatisfaction about the pricing of these products. Still, the general opinion about VSAVI among consumers is positive and encouraging. Overall, it’s a big thumbs-up from our side too.